The reconstituted

Pennslvania Reserve Battalion

Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps, Inc.


The modern PRVC Battalion was founded in 2007 as an umbrella Civil War reenactment organization comprised of reenactment companies who desire to celebrate the memory and contributions of the PRVC to our national union, and honor the individual sacrifice of the soldiers of the original Pennsylvania Reserves (1861-1864). The PA Reserves Battalion is incorporated as the Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps, Inc. Most of the reenactment companies in the organization represent units of the original PRVC but that is not a requirement of membership. 

Member companies and their officers in most cases also are affliated with other reenactment organizations like the United States Volunteers (USV), National Regiment, Mifflin Guard, Federal Volunteers and others.  The PRVC Battalion (PRVC Inc.) under its command structure comes together to honor our heritage, participate in reenactments, parades and community events, as well as, sponsor drill weekends and living history events. 

The PRVC Inc. holds an annual business meeting in January/February, usually in Gettysburg, to elect officers and plan events. See our schedule of events on this website.



Join us!  A PRVC Recruitment Broadside is available for download at left under "Brochures, Broadsides ..."


To register a reenactment unit as a member of the PA Reserve Battalion (PRVC Inc.) contact:


Michael Cassidy, Secretary-Treasurer PRVC Inc.

P.O. Box 63, Maytown PA  17550


Dues are only $10.00 per annum, per unit

Make checks payable to “PRVC”


Include information on the unit:

1.  unit name or designation


2.  County(s) and State where your unit principally recruits.


3.  Contact information for commanding officer or other preferred contact 


4.  Number of members by type of reenactors –Civilian, Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry, Music, etc.


5.  Links to unit website & facebook pages, or contact information that the unit would like to have appear on the PRVC webpage


6.  Other Affliated Organization: MG- Mifflin Guard; USV- United States Volunteers; NR- National Regiment; FVB -Federal Volunteer Brigade; V- Vincent’s Brigade;  etc


Note: Member units are responsible for their own insurance coverage often obtained through their affiated umbrella reenactment organizations.





PRVC INC Officers, Member Companies, and Contacts

& SCHEDULE OF EVENTS posted  "PRVC NOW." at left